Reconnect to your body and regulate your nervous system

Transformational healing rituals that support you through your stress illness recovery by tuning you into the language of your body. Find what you need to feel safe and at home in your own skin, based around practices pulled from my own healing experience and principles of the mind-body connection. ~ Dani Fagan

  • Calming Yoga Practices

    Four easy nervous-system informed videos tailored to the chronic pain community that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own bed. Restorative yoga, yoga nidra for deep sleep, postures for big feelings & five breathwork exercises.

  • Four Unique Meditations

    Cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion, regulate the nervous system and drop into the body for deeply nourishing rest. (Includes: Bathtub meditation, Trataka candle gazing, daily affirmations & somatic drop-in).

  • Journal Prompts & Somatic Drop-in

    Set yourself up for your self-inquiry practice with a short somatic meditation to tune into your feeling body to offload the day's emotional energy, allowing your mind and body to surrender into deep restorative rest.

  • Sacred Space & Coping Kit

    Guidance and ideas to create a safe, private and deeply comforting space in your home that you long to come home to. A place to practice your favourite mind-body evening rituals.

  • Meditative Music Playlist

    A 30 min soothing selection of calming music to allow your mind and body to soften and unwind. A great tool to use to encourage emotional connection whilst journaling or to self-soothe afterwards.

  • Yoga Class Pack & Other Resources

    Rent any three online classes of your choice, live or demand from my yoga library. Includes easy movement, meditative stillness or calming breathing exercises. Plus links to more supportive content.

Zero pressure learning

No agenda, no challenging schedule, no coursework. Complete freedom to practice at your own pace...

Come Home To Yourself

Self-paced online mini-course contents

  1. 2
    • Creating Your Sacred Space

    • Coping Kit - Ideas for Overwhelm

    • Relaxing Meditation Playlist (30min Audio)

  2. 3
    • Evening Journaling & Self-Reflection Ideas

    • Evening Journal Prompts

    • Pre-journaling Somatic Drop-in Meditation (12min Audio)

    • Free Journaling Resources

  3. 4
    • Daily Affirmations Meditation (10min Audio)

    • Pre-journaling Drop-in Somatic Meditation (13min Audio)

    • Trataka Candle Gazing Meditation (20min Audio)

    • Bathtub Mindfulness Meditation (20min Audio)

    • Relaxing Meditation Playlist (30min Audio)

  4. 5
    • Restorative Bed Yoga (40min Video)

    • Yoga Nidra for Deep Sleep (35min Video)

    • Yoga Nidra for Deep Sleep (35min Audio Only)

    • Receive & Retreat Somatic Poses to Support Big Feelings (5 min Video)

    • Five Calming Breathing Excercises (9min Video)

    • Yoga for TMS 3 Class Pack

  5. 6
    • Mix and match your practices

    • Bedtime Wind-down Sequence

    • Grounding Deep Sleep Ritual

    • Refocus the Mind Excercise

    • Emotional Release Sequence

    • Staying in Bed All Day Self-care

    • Short & Sweet Moment of Calm


This course is really special!

Jen C

I really want people to understand how fantastic this course is, it is so well-planned and organized. It is an excellent compilation of resources to help someone with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, or high-stress levels (or actually anyone) to bring the nervous system to a place where you can rest deeply. I took a couple of weeks initially review it in order and now I use it as needed depending on what’s going on. There are meditations, yoga nidra sessions, music playlists, breathing exercises, journaling prompts and more. It’s incredibly useful and I am someone who may have purchased an online course a time or two in the past few years, so I do know that this one is special! This is gold for us TMS folks. Jen ♥

A loving hug for the nervous system!


This mini course is like a loving hug for the nervous system and I truly look forward to it each evening. It is a beautiful reminder of how important it is to make time to drop into our bodies, calm the overactive mind and soothe ourselves before bedtime and this makes it easy to do that. Highly recommend. Kristina x

The missing link to my healing progress

by Wendy B

I had started to resent my healing research and all the hard work I had to put in, I would avoid it more than do it as much as I needed to. This course has brought me back to my body and reconnected me with what I was missing. MYSELF! I cannot recommend this enough, especially the meditations and bed yoga...I LOVE it thank you for holding us through this Dani. ~Wendy ♥

I have never felt like this before


I had heard great things about Dani's classes but wanted something I could own and use at any time so this course was ideal. I can honestly say that I've never felt like this before, I was totally disassociating and living totally in my head. Assuming my thoughts were to be controlled and I never felt calm. My god, this works. Forever grateful Dani thank you. Can't wait to practice with you in person. ~ Michelle xx

Thank you thank you!


I had no idea how constantly activated I was until I felt the effect of your voice and guidance. I've set up a small space in my bedroom with a box of soothing items just for me, I look forward to diving in every night, even if it's just for half an hour, this course has made such a massive difference to my sleep, my overall mood and my understanding of myself. I have no pain at night now and wake up feeling more balanced, not activated. Magic! THANK YOU for all that you do for us! ~ Ann T

I'm loving this course so much!


I recently set up my sacred space, got the candles and bath salts and did the bathtime meditation last night, it was absolutely AMAZING! I can't wait to try the candle gazing meditation next. I can feel this is already having the desired effect, I slept deeper than I have in years. Thank you for creating this brilliant course Dani! ♥

I freaking love this!

Jen A

I freaking LOVE this course! I'm recovering from severe chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and all the things that go along with it. I struggle with creating structure during the day but your course instantly became my evening ritual - so at least that important time is solid now thanks to you!



Just finished Dani's come home to yourself - wow-just wow - what a journey. This course is encompassed with deep honesty, knowledge and integrity.

Your Mind-body Rituals Guide

Here to encourage, support and hold space for your healing

Yoga, breathwork & meditation intstructor

Dani Fagan

I specialise in the care of the TMS mind-body medicine community having healed from years of chronic pain and anxiety using these tools myself. My approach to mind-body healing harnesses the power of the nervous system to help you recover from chronic symptoms by training the body-mind into a place of safety, out of fight-flight-freeze autopilot 'survival mode' releasing distress, fear, frustration, pain and anxiety. This course is for absolutely anyone, but particularly beneficial to those suffering from persistent mind-body symptoms, pain, lack of self-compassion, racing thoughts, anxiety, trauma, and any form of emotional or physical distress.

Key Benefits

What to expect from this mini-course.

  • Empower yourself to find what YOU need to feel safe and at home in your own body.

  • Learn various different ways to self-regulate, self-soothe, support yourself and refocus an overstimulated mind.

  • Create a patient and loving connection to yourself that is critical in recovery from a stress illness.

  • Discover how to connect to feelings and emotions somatically, by tuning into and understanding the language of your body.

  • Experience better sleep, improved mood, a less fearful mindset and a stronger belief in your ability to heal.

Zero pressure learning

No agenda, no challenging schedule, no coursework. Complete freedom to practice at your own pace...